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What does anti express mean

Anti-Express means - a bet against guessing the espress, as if someone had bet 100% of the non-passable "paravoz", and you accepted this bet as a bookmaker at

The name explains the meaning: anti-multiple is a bet consisting of several events, but it is calculated opposite to the multiple, while the final odds will be inverse to the odds of the multiple.

Formation of anti-express

To compose an anti-express, take at least 2 events in different matches. Having made a bet, we hope that at least one of the selected bets will not play. For example, in each of the three football matches we bet on the total less than 2.5. To win, it is necessary that at least one of these matches ends with a total of over 2.5. Very important is "at least" - 1,2,3 - no difference.

  • anti-express for favorites looks attractive, but most likely will not work;
  • anti-express by outsiders will not look so tempting, but it will come sooner.

Anti-express calculation

Let's take 3 random English Premier League matches:

  • Arsenal will not lose at 1.153; Liverpool - 1.125 and
  • Manchester City - 1.143.

As you know, the value of the express is equal to the product of the odds of its components: 1.153 * 1.125 * 1.143 = 1.484. Coeff. anti-express is 2.583, but how is it calculated?

The anti-express coefficient is inverse to kf. an express train made up of the same events. It is impossible to make a calculation in advance due to the unknown margin of the office. Without it, it is easy to carry out calculations: knowing kf. express, we find the probability of its passage: 1 / 1.484 = 67.39%. Accordingly, for anti-express: 100-67.39 = 32.61%. Converting into a coefficient, we get: 100 / 32.61 = 3.066.

It is this coefficient. would have put up a bookmaker that completely abandoned the margin. Naturally, such altruists do not exist, and the difference between 3.066 (theory) and 2.583 (fact) clearly shows the bookmaker's appetite for this type of bets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anti-Express

Seemingly attractive at first glance, this type of bet completely loses all the advantages upon closer examination. In addition to the already aforementioned high margin, your anti-express will be a winning one, no matter how many of the selected positions fail - 1, 2 or 3.

Thus, if 2 or 3 matches bring victory in the anti-express, then you will lose a huge win compared to if you bet 3 odds against the favorites.

Let's go back to the example where we are betting against Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City. If all 3 clubs lose, then the anti-express win in the amount of $ 100 will be 100 * 2.583 = $ 258.3. Let's take the odds on the victories of outsiders from the same matches: 6.2, 6.6 and 7.2.

If they had bet three odds, evenly distributing the same $ 100 ($ 33.3 for each bet), then the winnings would be from $ 206.46 (if the event coincided with the minimum odds), to $ 666 (if all three favorites).

Conclusions on anti-express

As you can see, the anti-express bet can be called an unprofitable bet, difficult to understand, calculating the odds and the probability of passing, and it is these moments that are extremely important for players who are used to using mathematics to win against the bookmaker during a long game.