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Progressive pokies in Australian games

Everything you need to know about progressive pokies

These days, online pokies developers have no limits. They can experiment with different themes, graphics, bonuses, and jackpots of course. That offers players hundreds and even thousands of pokie games that meet different requirements. One of the most popular categories is progressive pokies. Their main feature is the constantly increasing jackpot. There are both standalone slots and networks of games offering massive pools.

How is the progressive jackpot formed? Such pools are “fueled” by subtracting a tiny percentage of all bets made in a progressive slot. For this reason, progressive jackpots in Australian online pokies are several times higher than the fixed pools even in the most generous game. Of course, the chances of winning such a prize in Aussie pokies are not great, although this is not a big reason to ignore this category of slot machines.

If you are going to play pokies online and win real money, you need to focus on progressive jackpots. Increasing sometimes to six-digit numbers, they create new millionaires and you may be the next one!

Types of progressive slots

Before placing a bet in one of the best online pokies with progressive jackpots, the player needs to find out how slots of different types are work.

Stand-alone progressive slots

These games are not networked with other machines. The stake percentage is always added to the prize awarded for the highest value combination. The payback is the same as in other online pokies in Australia, so gamblers win different amounts of the main prize.

Wide-area progressive games

Typically, these games offer the largest jackpots. In most cases, you will find these pokie games are united in a special network that connects many unrelated online casinos. Gambling halls may not even belong to one gambling company. Please note that the payback percentage in these games is slightly lower than in other real online pokies.

In-house slots

These Aussie online pokies are usually connected in one network that belongs to a particular provider. You can find all of these pokies in one or more online casinos operated by that company. These games provide more competitive payouts.

Despite the different types of progressive slots, they offer easy game principles and bonus options that increase the number of potential payouts.

Start playing

Players should understand that playing progressive Australian pokies is slightly different from regular slots. As mentioned, a portion of each bet is added to the jackpot. The latter is reset after the lucky player wins the grand prize.

Another important detail in progressive online pokies Australia for real money: place as many coins as possible for each round if you want to get a high return. That does not mean that the bet is limited to the maximum size. You can even bet $0.01, but in this case, you will get the corresponding part of the pool. The regular payouts in progressive slots are usually not big. The developers deliberately do this because each gambler plays pokies on line with a progressive jackpot to win the main prize.

It’s right not to bet on your own money. The leading online casinos offer quite generous bonuses for meeting certain conditions. Why don’t you take advantage of this? Also, you can spend money won in other real online pokies. So, you will not only reduce the risk but also find out how this or that progressive slot works.

In the past few years, virtual casinos have been adding new types of progressive slots with several types of jackpots. There are many games offering Mini, Minor, Major, Grand jackpots. That means players can expect to receive payments of different sizes.

Bonus features

It’s no secret that the number and size of payments depend on the chosen Aussie pokie. If you have never played at online casinos before, you should visit for free versions of the most popular pokies online. Also, you should pay attention to the number and characteristics of bonus options.

Wild is one of the most valuable elements because it replaces regular symbols by landing in a suitable place. That allows it to complement combinations and give payouts. Scatters are usually the key to the round with Free Spins. For the next few rounds, you don’t place a bet. All you need to do is catch new combinations and get paid.

As already mentioned, the big jackpot is the main feature of progressive pokies online in Australia. Choose games that pay high often. One of the most popular slots in the progressive online pokies category is Mega Moolah powered by Microgaming, although the developers continue to offer new profit games regularly.