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Alster Lakes — A Perfect Place To Relax In Hamburg

A central part of Hamburg city life is usually based across Inner and Outer Alster Lakes, which are man-made reservoirs on the Alster River. In medieval times, this river was turned into a water reservoir in order to power the mills operating on its banks. In turn, today, the lakes are considered popular meeting places for tourists and locals alike. When it comes to the Outer Alster Lake, it is 164 hectares big. Therefore, taking into consideration its huge sizes, some people prefer walking across the Inner Alster Lake. Moreover, this lake includes the 35-meter-tall fountain and a variety of historical buildings, restaurants, shops, and bars that surround this attraction.

Parks As An Integral Part Of The Lakes

In addition to taking a guided boat tour of the lake or renting a canoe, you also have the opportunity to admire parks that surround the Alster lakes. For instance, if you take a boat trip from the Inner Alster to the Outer Alster, which is also known as Aussenalster, you will be able to visit the Alster Park. In fact, it was laid out for the International Garden Shown of 1953. At the same time, you can visit the Stadtpark that serves the function of a large urban park in the district of Winterhude. As the second-largest park in the city, this area has a considerable meaning for the citizens and city guests, as it is often perceived as the "green heart" of Hamburg. Except for ancient trees and beautiful mansions, you can also admire the Hamburg Planetarium, sporting grounds, and an athletics stadium. Therefore, the combination of ancient nature and modern architecture makes this place an amazing area to relax.

Fishing On The Alster Lakes

If you are fond of recreational activities, such as sailing, boating, and fishing, you should also take this tourist attraction into consideration. For instance, across the lakes, you can find numerous rental options for fishing, including small paddle boats, canoes, and rowboats. Moreover, in order to improve the level of comfort during fishing, you can enjoy a cold glass of beer or a steaming cup of gluhwein that are sold at waterfront cafes or restaurants. Once you rent a fishing boat and buy appropriate equipment for this activity, you will be able to enjoy the process of fishing till midnight. After fishing, you have the opportunity to cruise around the lake in a public sightseeing boat in order to appreciate the view of the city. 


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