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5 LinkedIn Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

LinkedIn describes itself as a professional networking website where you can:

1. Find past and present colleagues and classmates.

2. Connect to your next job or business opportunity.

3. Get answers from industry experts or share advice.

LinkedIn currently enjoys some 90 million users from around the world, including important high-ranking employees from virtually every Fortune 500 company. You can buy followers cheap to grow your business faster at

Despite its very prominent membership, LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for small business owners or sole practitioners to use in building and promoting their own services. Below are some easy-to-follow LinkedIn tips to help you out if you're just getting started.

LinkedIn Tips for Beginners

The Journal of Accountancy magazine in its March 2019 issue highlighted various useful LinkedIn tips, which included the following:

1. Create a detailed and descriptive profile. Being detailed and informative in your profile will make it easier for someone searching for your services to find you. Your profile will include information about your current and former positions, specific expertise you have, accomplishments and goals, and recommendations. Try to include keywords that are likely to be searched on when completing these sections.

2. Use the Advanced People Search feature to find new business targets. Do you offer a service that someone else on LinkedIn is likely to be in need of? If so, then you can use LinkedIn to proactively locate and then follow up with these individuals or companies.

3. Use LinkedIn to learn more about your current clients. The more you stay informed about changes your current clients are experiencing, the more quickly you will be able to respond to their needs by offering them additional services that they will find valuable, useful and timely.

4. Join LinkedIn groups that are focused on your business or industry. Joining groups on LinkedIn is a great way to increase your visibility. By participating in these groups you may eventually be seen as an expert on a certain topic, which will help generate more leads for you.

5. Connect your LinkedIn profile to your business website or blog. This is a great way to drive more traffic to your website or blog where you can more effectively promote your product or service to your LinkedIn connections.

Additional LinkedIn Tips

The important thing to remember about participating on LinkedIn is that you want to remain visible and active. Continually update your profile and status as needed. Make comments on other people's profiles, add new connections, and watch for and comment on updates from your connections and clients. Remember this is meant to be a professional site, so carefully screen who you accept as a connection. Following these LinkedIn tips will ensure that you are leveraging the full power of this networking site and allow you to promote your business, services and expertise to millions of users.